Education and Training

ANLA provides an education and training program consisting of introductory workshops in professional principles and practices, complemented by two-day workshops in specialized topics.The education and training program is directed by the ANLA Education Committee and organized by the Professional Development and Outreach Officer (PDO).

Preservation Activities

ANLA offers advice and assistance with preservation issues such as emergency and disaster planning, global preservation assessments, preservation policies and procedures and basic preservation advice. ANLA’s Professional Development and Outreach Officer can help your institution to identify and address preservation issues and concerns.

Advisory Services

The Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA) provides advisory services to member archives, as well as to organizations and associations interested in establishing archives.

Grant Administration

ANLA adjudicates all CCA grants submitted by institutional members for Newfoundland and Labrador. There is a two-tiered adjudication process:

  1. Adjudication by the ANLA Grants Committee
  2. CCA adjudication

Although the local committee may recommend acceptance of specific applications, the final decisions remain with the national CCA Grants Committee.