ANLA’s Guide to the Preservation of Scrapbooks

Danny Doyle, a Masters Student in Art Conservation, explains the caring, handling, and storage of archival scrapbooks:

A Guide to Storing, Handling and Moving Archive Pieces

Professional Conservator, Beverly Lambert, provides advice on the storage, handling and movement of Archive Pieces:

Workshops We Offer

ANLA offers a wide array of archival workshops, some independently, some in conjunction with the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Canadian Conservation Institute.

Some of our offerings are listed below. Please see the Workshops Calendar for upcoming educational opportunities.

ANLA Introduction to Archival Practice Workshop

ANLA’s Basic Archives workshop is an excellent opportunity to learn how to obtain physical, administrative and  intellectual control of both your historical records and the records of your organization. Offered yearly.

Joint ANLA-MANL sponsored CCI workshop: Integrated Pest Management


In this two day workshop, participants will learn how to recognize and identify organisms that are detrimental to the longevity of collections. Participants will also learn how to decide how to respond to the discovery of pests from a suite of options. There will also be an opportunity to learn how to assess cultural property for pest risks and propose an IPM plan to mitigate them.

This workshop is beneficial for staff and volunteers of cultural facilities who are responsible for the physical integrity, research, exhibition and other utility values of collections of cultural property, all of which are harmed by pest activity.