On Behalf of Our Members

Memory Mug-Up at the Gander Airport

Gander Heritage Trails Inc. is hosting a “Memory Mug Up at the Airport” taking place on June 19th, 2019 to celebrate Gander International Airport’s 60th Anniversary at the International Lounge, featuring Provincial Heritage Officer, Dale Jarvis and local speakers. 

Cupids Legacy Centre Annual Lobster Supper and Auction

May 15, 2019
To Whom It May Concern:
Cupids Legacy Inc., is a registered charitable, not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to preserve, prominently display and effectively promote the history and heritage of Cupids and the Northern Avalon region from the early 17th century to the present.
The Cupids Legacy Centre was opened in 2010 as a legacy project of the Cupids 400 anniversary celebrations, which commemorated the establishment of the first English settlement and birthplace of English Canada by Governor John Guy (Cupids, 1610). The Centre is a state-of-the-art facility with an innovative and interactive museum, a family history
resource centre and archive, a multipurpose hall, a museum shop and an exterior viewing deck and faerie garden. A place “Where the Present Meets the Past,” the Legacy Centre showcases the heritage and culture that have defined our place in Canadian history.
As we are a not-for–profit organization that must provide for its own sustainability, we will host a number of fundraisers throughout the year – one of which is the 6th Annual Lobster Supper and Auction – which will take place on Saturday, June 15th, 2019, at the Cupids Legacy Centre. To assist us with our fundraising efforts, we would like to ask you to consider making a donation in the form of a product, service or monetary amount for this Annual event. Donations may be picked up or dropped off at the Legacy Centre by June 11th, 2019.
We thank you for your consideration and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Corrina Bartlett or myself at 528-1610.

Roy Dawe
Chair, Cupids Legacy Inc.

Field to Flight: New Exhibit

Admiralty House Communications Museum has a new exhibit “Field to Flight” that will be on display from May 13 to August 31, 2019, at the Annex, located next door to Admiralty House in Mount Pearl.

In September 1913, flying was very new, very risky, and very exciting. Records were made, then broken. No one had ever flown across the Atlantic nonstop. Lord Northcliffe, the owner of Britain’s Daily Mail, wanted to change that with a contest. Many teams were ready to try in 1914—then the Great War broke out and the contest was put on hold. In November 1918, just three days after the Armistice, the race was back on. The right departure point would be key. For a few exciting weeks in the spring of 1919, the teams set themselves up here in Newfoundland. 

2019 marks a century since the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic and Admiralty House is creating a new exhibit titled “Field to Flight”. The exhibit will highlight some of the major players of a historic race and feature Margaret Carter, a St. John’s women and her perspective on the race.

“Field to Flight” will be open to the public starting May 13, 2019, at 7 pm at the Annex. The exhibit will feature artifacts connected to the race and Ace Academy: Flight Experience, an educational and inspirational traveling interactive, produced by Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation.